Meet Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Teammates

Michael Jordan is a legend in the sports world most especially basketball, aside from being a good and talented athlete, teamwork also influences your performance and here we have decided to list the top 10 teammates of Michael Jordan.

These guys are the real deal as far as basketball is concerned. Without much ado, let us take you directly to the topic of the day. Read on.

Meet Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Teammates

1. Scottie Pippen

The best second banana in the history of the baskets did not mature overnight. His first two postseason appearances ended with The Migraine (zero points, one minute) and The Meltdown (two points, 40 minutes) in the Eastern Confederence finals, gagging jobs that cast doubt on his testosterone level when the bets were taller.

However, when Jordan challenged Scottie Pippen to toughen up next season, “he was closer to a death threat, as I recall,” he said with the first of his seven All-Star teams. It didn’t take long for Pip to redefine the position of the lead point as one of the most complete players in the game, the yin for Jordan’s yang. Pippen was the best player on the court (32 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists) in Game 6 of the 1991 NBA Finals, when the Jordan dynasty began.

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2. Horace Grant

While everyone in the organization was under the radar in Jordan’s years, no player did more to be appreciated less than Horace Grant. A consistent pitcher and double-figure scorer, the large 6-foot-10 athletic was even more valuable on the other side. It was a reliable rebound and rebound blocker that covered more ground than anyone in that position, making it an indispensable part of Doberman’s so-called defense.

He later became the only Bulls player to get Jordan’s best in the playoffs, after the player left the team (1995 East Conference semifinal, Orlando Magic in six). Another fun fact for Grant: he ranks 121th in wins for 48 minutes (0.1469) in league history, six positions ahead of Scottie Pippen.

3. Toni Kukoc

Jerry Krause put the Croatian in a bad position when he skidded over him in the 1990 draft, two years before he arrived from abroad. Meanwhile, GM refused to extend Scottie Pippen, underpaid, to pay for an untested euro that had not yet played an NBA game. Can you spell “trouble”, girls and boys?

When the rookie finally got on board, Jordan, Scottie Pippen and company were quick to charge their kilo of meat. Ironically, when Pippen had his infamous hiss at the end of Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals, guess who rang the bell and saved him. While the long, tall left-hander was not all that had been announced, Toni Kukoc’s size, length and versatility represented a difficult departure from the bench.

4. Dennis Rodman

The coaches had seen enough of his “Bad Boy” act in Detroit to know his good as well as his value and potential. So, here was the deal: as long as the madman hit the tables, played defense and got into the head of his opponents and referees, the organization would turn a blind eye to the strange behavior of this bull on and off the court. The curious fact of the Worm: in his farewell season, he had 14 games over 20 minutes and two or less basket attempts on the field.

5. Ron Harper

Michael Jordan and General Coach Jerry Krause agreed with the staff and how often it snowed in Burmuda. Here was one of those ultra-rare occasions. When Ron Harper was rescued from the Clippers as a 31-year-old free agent, he was not the same athlete who gave Jordan everything he could take in his Cavalier days.

However, his knowledge and breadth were valuable mainly at the end of the defense. And Harp was one of the few trusted teammates that Michael Jordan allowed to enter his inner sanctuary.

6. John Paxson

“Johnny Jumpshot” was an owner only in name. The man was born to throw the ball, and with Michael Jordan close by, John Paxson made a career with open eyes. The most famous was indicative of Jordan’s effect, the clincher against the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals came with no defender closer than Yuma. By the way, they were the only Bulls points earned by someone other than Airness in the fourth quarter.

7. Luc Longley

Luc Longley was the most skilled and mobile of the three-headed Clydesdale in the middle. The 7-foot-2 big was more effective on the block, but it could also make an occasional move. He was also the best shot blocker in the group, and only Dennis Rodman was better at the glass. The Melbourne native had a bit of a Wilt Chamberlain complex, however, which deprived him of a murderous instinct. The truth is that there were many days when Jordan would like to launch his Australian.

8. Steve Kerr

Along with Jud Buechler, best friend, Steve Kerr (“Opie”) achieved as much as any Jordan teammate. The well-traveled veteran understood that if he showed up in time, he kept his mouth shut and hit the shot open, he had a legacy to be made in Chicago. By the end of game 6 of the 1997 deciding game, when Jordan looked at him and said, “This is your chance”, no one was more prepared to do the best. Moments later, Kerr pulled a 17-foot open shot from a Michael Jordan pass to the winner of the game. God help Steve Kerr if he had destroyed him.

9. Bill Cartwright

Bill Cartwright was at his peak when he arrived from New York in a trade, but the 31-year-old veteran gave his new team what they needed in the painting business, a hard edge and two sharp elbows. Bill was worth Charles Oakley and the one chosen by Rod Strickland for his work against Patrick Ewing alone. The New York Knicks star center won him only once in five playoff series, and the only triumph came with His Highness in retirement.

10. BJ Armstrong

Just when the former first rounder went on his offensive in the offensive end, Michael Jordan went on to a baseball career, during which BJ Armstrong had his two best seasons on the team. When His Airness returned two years later, veteran Armstrong played a minor role. In Steve Kerr, the front office also had a cheaper option. Weeks later, Toronto made Armstrong the first choice in the 1995 expansion draft, where he followed Scott Williams and Horace Grant as key players who left Chicago without compensation.

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