Privacy Policy

Extremescholars warrants its commitment to respect and protect your privacy online. This includes your need and right to understand what we do with your personal information shared with us.

It also guides our company’s policy regarding the management of such data, including how information is collected, processed, and for what purposes.

The address of this site is, and by using this site, you do agree to our cookies and other technologies mentioned in this policy.

We appreciate that some users like to sneak their visit to our website individually and we can adjust their settings accordingly.

For more information on how to track your cookie and browser settings, or how to delete cookies from your hard drive, please visit

The collection of information

Each time you log on to our site, your Internet Protocol (IP) address is registered on our servers. Your IP address only reveals the number assigned to you.

We do not use this technology to obtain any personal data against your consent or will (e.g. automatically record the visitors’ email address).

Nor do we use this for any purpose other than to monitor our website traffic, or (in any case of criminal activity and also misuse of information) to cooperate with law enforcement.

Contact form

If you decide to submit a contact form from our website, we will share your information with universities, colleges or language schools that can offer you education programs.

We will only share the information you submitted: name, age, contact, e-mail address, and preferred study program.

We will save your information to send to universities for a maximum of 90 days. We will keep a copy of your registration email indefinitely as proof of your registration.

You can unsubscribe at any time by using the ‘unsubscribe’ option of the email you receive or sending us a message.


We make use of several different cookies on our site. So if you do not know what cookies are, or how to track them, we suggest you visit for a detailed guide.

This list below shows light on the cookies we use on this site and for what we use.

Google Analytics

We also use Google Analytics to extract information about visitor behavior on Extremescholars.

Please read their privacy policy to ensure that you are comfortable with how they use cookies: Google Analytics.

When you log in, we also set up various cookies to save your information and your screen device choices. Login cookies last for two days, and device choices last for a year. If you do select “Remember Me”, the login will persist for weeks.

If you publish or in any way edit an article, an additional cookie will be saved right to your browser. This doesn’t cookie include personal information and simply indicates the post ID of the item you edited. Expires after a day.

Third Party Cookies – Social Networks

To enrich content on our site, we can sometimes embed video content from other social networking sites such a Facebook or YouTube.

As this result, when you browse a page with embedded content, you may be presented to cookies from those sites.

ExtremeScholars has no control or responsibility under these configured cookies, so you should check the third-party cookies policy for more information.

We also offer a “share page” widget on some of our pages where content can be easily shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

These sites can set up a cookie when you are logged in to their service. Target Student Media Ltd has no control or responsibility under these configured cookies, so you should check the third-party cookies policy for more information.

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