Which Countries Speak English? Find Out Here

Which Countries Speak English? There are currently over 60 English-speaking countries, where English is the official language.

In addition, this is the most widely used language for communication between peoples, businesses, and government relations. Currently, it is estimated that there are over 508 million fluent people in the world.

Among the countries that have English as their mother tongue, most had British colonization but were also influenced by other neighboring nations and people who migrated from distant places. Hence the accents and the differences in words to say the same thing.

As linguists claim, language (especially spoken language) is a living organism that changes over time, gains new expressions, and loses some words. Therefore the importance of learning English beyond the traditional course, experiencing and practicing the language.

English Speaking Countries

You may not imagine, but little known nations also have English as their predominant language: Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Brunei, Cameroon, Dominica, Eritrea, Philippines, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Micronesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia Papua New Guinea, Western Samoa, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, and Zambia are some examples.

Most of these countries have been colonized by the British or receive much American influence. The language suffers a lot of interference from Latin (video, exit, circus ), German ( hamburger ), Spanish (guitar, banana, tango ) and French (restaurant, biscuit, garage ), among others.

Besides these, there are those old known English speaking countries. Check it out below:

  • #1. U.S

Today, it is his warlike and economic power that has made English the universal language. It is also the most common English world, because of the spread of American music, movies, series, and books.

The United States is well worth a visit, whether for its potential for study and business or for entertainment, from Florida’s parks to astonishing Las Vegas to giant New York. Have you thought about watching a Broadway play or musical and understanding all that is being said?

  • #2. England

It is the cradle of language. The main difference from British to American English is the pronunciation. There is no better or worse, easier or harder language; they are just peculiarities and differences of the same language that little interferes with the general learning. What is said in one place is understood in the other and vice versa.

The land of Amy Winehouse, Rolling Stones and Beatles should be on your list of places to see. It is full of wonderful stories, parks, and buildings. In addition, the nightlife is quite buzzing – pubs and bars, in general, are everywhere.

  • #3. Canada

English is the first language of the country due to the British invasion, but most of the inhabitants are bilingual and also speak French because the colonization was French. Because of this, Canadian English has peculiarities from French.

In addition, Canadian English is widely recognized as a simpler and cleaner language, without much interference and accents loaded, easy to understand. It is considered English with an international vocabulary, having few expressions and slang that vary from region to region.

The country should be on your list of places to visit because it is an example of a first-world nation: clean, organized, and bustling. At the same time, it offers tranquility and incredible landscapes. Summer is mild, and winter is harsh.

  • #4. Australia

This is a country that speaks very private English. In writing and formal business language, the language does not have many variations. But Australians are so informal and so fond of a more open style that they abbreviate almost every word and shorten most sentences in everyday life.

The abbreviation does not influence pronunciation time so much – speaking barbie or barbecue takes almost the same seconds – but the language is more fun and inviting. And that’s how the Australian people are: communicative and unceremonious.

Discover the land of kangaroos and be amazed by the jaw-dropping landscapes and delightful weather, great for living, perfect for strolling and breaking Australian English!

  • #5. South Africa

South African English received some interference from Zulu and other languages ​​spoken in Africa. Some words from Afrikaans, such as trek, were assimilated by English is spoken around the planet and gained the world, see the movie Star Trek.

It is a country with unmatched landscapes and great value for money because language courses are not expensive and the currency is worth less than the real. Whether for study or sightseeing, it’s quite an experience!

  • #6. Singapore

One option from Asia is Singapore, which was also a colony of England. There, English is one of four official languages ​​(along with Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil). Of course, the language gets Asian interference and has singularities in the accent.

Long known for its business strength, Singapore is home to many game and application startups, as well as a shopper’s paradise for its low prices and huge variety.

It is a multicultural country and quite safe. The eponymous city-state welcomes people from all over the world, making learning even easier.

Singapore has many sights such as Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, as well as the water show, the Formula 1 circuit, and various temples.

  • #7. Ireland

A bilingual European destination! There, you speak English and Irish fluently. The language base and grammar are the same as in other countries; what changes are the accent and some more peculiar slang.

Some singularities are that they hardly use to in spoken English and not the words yes and on. When asked about something, they respond with the verb. For example, for “Can you drive?”, The answer will be, “I can.” Want to learn a typical Irish English expression? “What’s the craic?” Means “What’s the news?”

The visit is very worthwhile! The countries of Europe are very close; each has its charm and its peculiarities that should be known, of course. But Ireland’s medieval landscapes and untouchable nature are overwhelming!

Here are some nations you should visit, whether for business, pleasure, or study. Each lends particularities to the language, has distinct influences and unique accents.

The grammar is the same in any of these English speaking countries. The daily life, the heat of the streets, and the daily life in each place bring variations to the words and jargon – which have a lot of history and make perfect sense for each people.

What did you think of our list? Do you know any of these countries? What was it like to speak English there? Leave your impressions in the comments!

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